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The Season is Closed - please come back later

Fees and Registration (FOR MINI / YOUTH / GIRLS)

The Season is Closed - please come back later

HKU Sandy Bay RFC
Membership 2017 - 2018 season

Mini ( born on or after 1 Jan 2006)
Youth ( born on or before 31 Dec 2005)
2017 - 2018 Fee Schedule
First Player (includes $100 compulsory membership fee for parent)
- MiniHK$1500
- YouthHK$1500
Subsequent Player (same family)
- MiniHK$1400
- Youth HK$1400

Please complete the following electronic form for registration.

Parent Member Details (for legal reasons, this must not be the player details - even if the player is a Youth)
Parent (first name last name) :
Address: Block     Floor     Flat


No         Street


Parent Login & Password (once registered, you will be able to add secondary contact details in the members area)
Re-type Email:
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Player Details

Surname: First Name:
(=name on shirt)
Date of Birth: Gender:HK id
(12 yrs & over):
Weekend #
First Year to
SandyBay ##
Name of School
# ALL Training is on Sunday mornings. Youths have alternative training times - contact the Team Manager for more details.
## New playing members will be entitled to a free club shirt, shorts, socks and bag. Thereafter, kit can be purchased from the clubhouse.

Application - Terms and Conditions
I wish to become an Adult Social Member of the Club. (Each Mini or Youth player must have one parent who is a full voting member of the Club)

I wish the above player to play rugby and to become a Mini or Youth member of the Club. I accept responsibility for any injury or damage the player suffers themselves or causes to others. I absolve the Club and The University of Hong Kong from any liability in relation to this and will indemnify them for any liability they incur in connection with my son/daughter.

I will abide by the rules, principles and code of conduct of the HK Rugby Football Union(s) to which the Club is affiliated and will be courteous to referees, coaches and players from other clubs.

I will ensure that my son or daughter is accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while training or playing games as I accept that coaches cannot be expected to simultaneously care for an injured player and watch the rest of the team (This is compulsory for the Mini Section).

I consent to the details on this form being given (i) to the applicable HK Rugby Football Union and (ii) to other members via a password protected section of the Club website. I undertake not to use anyone else's details from the website for commercial purposes nor to make them available to third parties.

I consent to photographs of my son/daughter being put on the Club website or used in Club brochures etc.

I will help with the running of the Club by marshalling at the annual festival (for Mini players).
  • please indicate if you (or your spouse) is connected with The University of Hong Kong

  • please indicate if you (or your spouse) are member(s) of the Hong Kong Cricket Club

  • As a member of the club I am entitled to apply for an allocation of HK Sevens tickets. Ticket allocation is not guaranteed and will be made on the basis of player attendance and parent support to the club.

  • Head Coaches and Team Managers should be informed of any pre-existing medical conditions at the start of the season.

  • By ticking the "I Agree" box you agree and consent to the HKU Sandy Bay RFC terms and conditions.
I Agree
If you experience any technical difficulties during the online registration process, please email -

This page is for NEW members only
If you are a returning member you need to renew in the Members Area
Failure to do this may affect your Sevens ticket allocation